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Manufacturing Process

Choice Meats factory is a modern facility that processes a wide range of meat products including beef, lamb and goat.

All products meet the highest international standards in meat processing. Three essential elements that ensure these stringent standards are met include time, temperature and hygiene and to this end the company’s management have left nothing to chance. With a total of 140 employees at the plant, training is paramount. All workers at the plant have been made acutely aware of the need to remain clean at all times, wearing of clean coats, boots and hats is made obligatory in all production areas.

Our raw materials and ingredients are sourced from Halal certified firms and are checked to ensure they meet our set specifications. Suppliers are also regularly audited for conformance.

Packaging of all meat products is done on site, either by vacuum or in food grade wrappers to ensure the product integrity is maintained. All the products pass through a computerised dating machine that ink jets the date of manufacture and sell – by date on to each package, ensuring the product reaches the consumer in the freshest possible state. All chilled products are stored at 0ᴼC to 4ᴼC, while frozen products are stored at minus (-) 18 ᴼC. All products go through checks to ensure they meet high quality and safety standards.

All processes from receiving of raw materials, slaughtering, packing through to despatch are guided by well documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’S).