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Choice Meats is a state – of – the - art Halal slaughter house and butchery located at Kahawa West, on the outskirts of Nairobi. The first phase of this modern Halal processing plant was commissioned in 2010 to serve Halal customers with high quality meat products, both locally and internationally. The facility which is part of the Farmer’s Choice Group, is a joint venture between The Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED), and Nortura of Norway. Its design and operations are certified under ISO 22000:2005 on Food Safety Management Systems and the facility is licensed for exports by the Director of Veterinary Services Choice Meats is Halal certified by both the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) and the Kenya Bureau of Halal Certification (KBHC), who closely monitor the operations.


Choice Meats products are well distributed across Kenya with all trucks involved operating on a schedule that ensures the most rapid delivery possible to retail stores, hotels, institutions and fast food outlets

Choice Meats products are exported by air and sea to the United Arab Emirates.


Choice Meats offers a wide range of products which include; beef and lamb cuts, whole goats, halal sausages, beef burgers, meat balls, beef mince, chicken and fish.

Existing markets include Kenya and the UAE.


Choice Meats operates in the firm belief that a quality product can only be achieved if clients, suppliers, and staff are treated with equal respect. Production and Quality Assurance teams within the plant are complemented by an equally professional Sales and Marketing team closely linked to the customer to ensure satisfaction. Choice Meats strives to take care to balance supply and demand as precisely as possible in order to anticipate and satisfy universal market challenges. Animals are carefully selected from ranches across the country, these are pasture fed, young and well finished. The livestock undergo strict ante mortem inspection and are sourced from disease free areas. A high level of quality control is ensured at every stage of the production process through to the final receipt of goods by the customer.